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Fluid Property Calculator


Step 1. Choose a fluid to model:    
Step 2. Enter two conditions:

Step 3. Press Calculate:

Molar Weight:
Triple Point Temperature:
Normal Boiling Point:
Gas Phase Dipole at NBP:
Acentric Factor:
Critical Temperature:
Critical Pressure:
Critical Density:
Gas Constant:

Internal Energy:
Isochoric Heat Capacity:
Isobaric Heat Capacity:
Surface Tension:
Thermal Expansion:
Sound Speed:
Thermal Conductivity:
Prandtl Number:
Helmholtz Energy:
Gibbs Free Energy:
THIS PAGE WILL BE DEPRECATED 1/1/2024! PLEASE PLAN TO SWITCH TO https://irc.wisc.edu/properties/ before that time!

This complimentary calculator is provided for all to use but it receives minimal support. We recommend that you DO NOT use it:
  • As a resource called by other software for property data
  • In any critical application
If you require a reliable source of thermodynamic properties, we recommend you obtain a copy of EES (Engineering Equation Solver) from fchart.com or REFPROP from NIST.gov. CoolProp (http://www.coolprop.org/) is an open source C++ library which could also be used for properties information.