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University of Wisconsin-Madison

Membership Benefits

We believe that the value of the IRC can best be conveyed by considering the breadth and depth of the benefits it provides in light of the cost to a company to achieve these benefits.

With our members, the IRC pursues advances in technology, the development of authoritative technical information and training of personnel. The primary focus of our efforts is aimed at our member companies. IRC member benefits include:

  • Cultivation of refrigeration best practices
  • Techniques to enhance refrigeration system safety
  • Refrigeration design and analysis tools
  • Strategies for improving refrigeration system energy efficiency
  • Upgrading the skills and qualifications of your staff
  • Access to research & demonstration projects that improve the safety, productivity, reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of industrial refrigeration systems

Supporting members of the IRC obtain additional benefits well beyond those available to the industry in general. For example, supporting members gain preferred access to IRC resources, staff and technical information, including:

  • Telephone hotline and internet-based information clearinghouse
  • Immediate access to technical advances as they are developed
  • Technical bulletins, safety updates, and other publications
  • On-site technical assistance providing targeted information
  • Access to proprietary research projects to address specific needs
  • Close association with Center experts and with other IRC members
  • A competitive advantage in recruiting highly qualified graduates

Supporting members have the opportunity to direct the activities of the IRC to meet the needs of members and the industry at-large. These members will be publicly acknowledged for taking leadership roles in the refrigeration industry.

The value of the above-mentioned benefits far exceeds the annual financial commitment for IRC membership. This increased return on investment comes about because each member's resources are pooled with and leveraged against those of the other members.