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University of Wisconsin-Madison

Fugitive Emissions Guidance Document(1.0)

by IRC

Title: Fugitive Emissions Guidance Document(1.0)

Author(s): IRC

Size: 4.2MB

This document provides methods for establishing the design or intended inventory of refrigerant for a given industrial refrigeration system. It also provides guidance on dynamically tracking the refrigerant inventory in refrigeration systems as a means of alerting plant personnel to refrigerant losses that may be occurring. Finally, this document provides approaches that can be used for identifying locations where fugitive emissions of ammonia from refrigeration systems may be occurring.

This project was funded by U.S. EPA Region 5 as part of the Pollution Prevention (P2) program under Grant Number 00E02366. The investigators would like to thank Christine L. Anderson, Region 5 Pollution Prevention Coordinator and Antoinette Hall, Region 5 Project Officer for their project oversight and support.