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University of Wisconsin-Madison

Pressure Relief Device Capacity Determination (Reindl & Jekel 2009)

by Reindl & Jekel

Title: Pressure Relief Device Capacity Determination (Reindl & Jekel 2009)

Author(s): Reindl & Jekel

Size: 956.28KB

This paper reviews the pressure relief valve sizing methodology for vessels and presents approaches for relief capacity determination for other types of refrigeration equipment not explicitly covered in ASHRAE 15 such as oil separators, shell-and-tube heat exchangers, plate-and-frame heat exchangers, oil cooling heat exchangers, and product storage tanks. One of the principle aims of this paper is to document a basis for relief device capacity determination to insure these other types of protected components remain safe during abnormal operating excursions that can lead to high pressures. Although the methods presented in this paper are intended to apply across a wide range of refrigeration equipment and operating conditions, it is not possible to neatly prescribe relief device sizing and selection criteria to cover all situations. As such, the use of sound engineering principles and the application of engineering judgment should be always expected.