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Manager Training

There are two ways to use and access the manager's training. IRC members with a normal website login can view the modules below, simply login and scroll down.

There is also a special login system for companies wishing to provide formalized manager training. This system requires a company specific registration link. Once registered, managers login to a special page, watch the videos, and then take a final quiz to receive a completion certificate. Contact the IRC for your registration link

Refrigeration is a vital link in the modern day food chain. The vast majority of food produced, distributed, and stored today is under the influence of refrigeration from the "field or farm" to the "table." By necessity, the scale of refrigeration in food production and distribution facilities is large making them both energy- and capital cost-intensive.

The vast majority of these industrial refrigeration systems use ammonia as a refrigerant. Ammonia offers a number of compelling advantages but its use also comes with the responsibility to manage risks.

This four module series is intended to provide managers with a foundational understanding of refrigeration. With this knowledge, you will be better equipped to make informed decisions to more effectively protect human capital, infrastructure, and your business operations.

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