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University of Wisconsin-Madison

New User Signup

Please note that all fields are required to sign up. You can obtain your company code from your IRC contact. Your username will be lastName.firstName, and you may choose any password. The password may contain letters, numbers, or any special characters other than quotes. Passwords are required to be entered case-sensitive.

Once you have registered your username and password, keep them in a safe place. You will need to enter them each time you attempt to log in to the IRC website. For instructions on using the IRC Member Login, consult the Member Login Page.

Company Codes for IRC Members

Password protected access to the Industrial Refrigeration Consortium website is limited to employees of IRC members companies. Employees of IRC member companies can obtain their Company Code from their company's IRC Steering Committee member of by clicking here to contact us. Please send an e-mail using your company issued e-mail address to verify your employment.

Company Codes for Non-IRC Members

Access to the full website is only available to employees of IRC members companies. At this time, IRC membership is limited to refrigeration system owners, operators, and support industries (i.e. electric utilities, insurance agencies, etc.). We are developing an associate membership classification for contractors, manufacturers and others with an interest in the refrigeration industry. We recommend that you sign up for our newsletter to look for announcements regarding this membership change.

If you are a refrigeration system owner, operator, or support industry; we invite you to explore membership in the IRC. Further information can be found on the Who we Are page and membership dues can be determined on our Structures & Fees page. We are more than happy to provide you with additional information or give you contacts at current IRC member companies who can share their experience in the IRC.

For those not currently eligible for membership, please explore the website. Most of our publications are free to download or available for purchase. They may be found in the Publications section of the website. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to send us a note by clicking here to contact us.