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Inventory Management | Nondestructive Testing Methods for Mechanical Integrity

The IRC hosts other workshops and conferences through out the year designed to facilitate discussion and knowledge transfer on topics of concern to the industrial refrigeration industry. Past events have focused on topics such as the research needs of the ammonia refrigeration industry and the need for a single operator certification standard for the ammonia refrigeration industry.

These events are in true workshop format. If you are an end-user and have experience in the particular topic, bring it along and compare with others in the industry. We intend to document and disseminate all information gathered at this workshop.

Information on upcoming workshops can be found in our newsletter, the Cold Front, or on this page.

Inventory Management Seminar

Dates: August 18, 2005
Location: online


This web-based seminar is your opportunity to learn more about refrigerant inventory estimation and management. All industrial refrigeration system end-users need to develop estimates of the inventory of refrigerant in their systems and continually update the estimates as changes are made to their systems.

Participate and Benefit

This workshop is a perfect opportunity for you or your staff to review the basic principles of inventory calculations. In addition, participate and see how the IRC’s online Charge Management Tool can facilitate your efforts in developing and managing your refrigerant inventory calculations.


This workshop has been designed especially for those who want a better understanding of the principles & practices of inventory calculations. This workshop will exceed the expectations of plant PSM coordinators, plant and corporate engineering staff, refrigeration system operators, and refrigeration supervisory staff with responsibilities that include PSM.

Best Practices Workshop: Nondestructive Testing Methods for Mechanical Integrity

Dates: November 9-10, 2004
Location: The Pyle Center, Madison, WI

This workshop was an opportunity to gather information and share experiences with counterparts in the industry. The goals of this workshop were to:

  • Understand principles and practices for maintaining mechanical integrity of piping systems to insure their continued operation
  • Review methods for non-destructive testing of piping systems and vessels
  • Review current testing practices within and outside of the industrial refrigeration industry
  • Identify gaps in current recommended mechanical integrity practices, and identify measures to close those gaps


Mechanical integrity is an important facet of insuring the on-going safe operation of industrial refrigeration systems. The Process Safety Management (PSM) Standard (29 CFR 1910.119(j)) requires the development and implementation of a formal mechanical integrity program for ammonia refrigeration systems having refrigerant inventories in excess of 10,000 lb.

In the context of industrial refrigeration systems, the scope of this mechanical integrity requirement is rather broad. The PSM standard defines the scope of mechanical integrity to include: pressure vessels, piping, valves, safety systems (pressure relief, emergency shutdown, ventilation, etc.), pumps, and controls (interlocks, alarms, sensors, etc.). The Standard requires end-users to conduct appropriate inspections and tests in accordance with manufacturer`s recommendations and generally accepted good engineering practices.

An area of mechanical integrity that has been particularly challenging for end-users is the formulation of specific requirements for the inspection and testing of piping systems (piping, vessels, and valves). Questions arising from an end-user`s perspective include: What methods of test can I apply to my piping systems? Where and at what intervals should I test or inspect? What common modes of failure should I screen for? What types of inspection equipment are suitable for inspection and testing of piping systems?


  • Overview of PSM Requirements for Mechanical Integrity
    Doug Reindl, IRC
  • Overview of Current MI Standards in Refrigeration & Kindred Industries
    Daniel Dettmers, IRC
  • Nondestructive Testing Best Methods for Ammonia Refrigeration: A Contractor`s Perspective
    Jim Kovarik, ConAm
  • Mechanical Integrity Demonstrations
    Lixi Profiler, VarioCam by Jenoptik, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Real-time Radiographic Technology, Magnetic Particle/Liquid Dye Inspection
  • Mechanical Integrity Field Experiences
    Godan Nambudiripad, General Mills; Dan Webb/Mike Carrell, CF Industries; Bent Wiencke, Nestlé
  • Data Requirements for Best Practices: Inspection requirements, Proper MI program needs, Designing for MI

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